To ensure that all of our customers remain not only highly satisfied with our service but proud to recommend Dive In Pool Service & Repair to friends and family- we frequently send our new clients this simple three-question survey.

1) What was biggest concern you had when you hired Dive In Pool Service? Did it come true and if not, what happened?
2) What specifically is your favorite part of our pool service and why?
3) If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

Below are some of our team's favorite responses that expand on the many reasons why Dive In is the last pool service you'll ever need. But don't listen to us- we let our customers do the bragging!

My concern was that Dive In would be comparable to the pool service we had previously.  We had a very unreliable, unprofessional and untrustworthy pool company and technician.  I am thrilled that Dive In is a completely different company and they have exceeded my expectations.  I can TRUST this company and Edward to show up and do an excellent job.  (Also he remembers to close and lock our gate every time.)  In a word - Consistency! This is the best pool service I have had and I have had 4 previous companies!! - Victoria R.
My biggest concern was finding a Pool service that was reliable, competent and dependable.  Dive In is all of that and more they "Care" and they treat us like family. The favorite part of our pool service is that I know every week that it will be done correctly and on time. You can't find anyone that is any better in all aspects of the service. -Ron, C.
We were having so much trouble with the pool builder correcting issues & making repairs under warranty. We were looking for a reasonably priced, reliable service to maintain our pool and do equipment repairs. After our warranty lapsed, we received a Dive In Pools flyer in the mail. We have certainly put them to the test in the area of problem solving & repairs! Dive In Pool Service came in, problem solved equipment issues & did repairs at a fair price in a timely fashion. They promptly return calls and always show up as scheduled to do routine maintenance. They are very professional & friendly. They satisfy all our needs! Our favorite part is that we don't have to do anything but go down and "dive in". We tell all our family, friends Dive In Pool Service is the best! -Kim J.
We never had any concerns. We trusted the job would be done and done correctly. We never used a pool company before so we have no scale to measure by, but, the price is within normal limits, owners and staff are fantastic and my pool looks GREAT. Thanks for the past almost 4 years of a job done well and way beyond expectations. -Jo Ann, B.
Our biggest concern with pool service was our lack of knowledge.  We have never had a pool before and did not know what to expect.  Christine and Mike were so helpful getting us acquainted with all of the facets of the system.  However, their service is so great we don’t need to worry about anything. There have been a couple of emergencies with our pool due to substantial rains or equipment failure, however we were able to call your service and find out what to do.  Also, our technician is the best.  He does a great job and is so friendly.  He even helped me rescue my dog when he got caught in a branch. The staff is friendly and responsive to your needs.  They do a wonderful job keeping the pool swim ready. -Carla B.
Our previous pool service would leave equipment and trash throughout the yard.  Even though our pool was clean, we still had to pick up after them.  Dive In Pool Service has never left a trail behind them besides a clean pool.  Reliable.  Our pool is clean every week.  If we have plans outside, I never have to worry about how the pool looks. I have already recommended you to others.  I simply say that we have never had any complaints and all is well. Also, you are very easy to contact, whether it be email or phone, I get a response fast. -Monika G.
I liked your company the minute I met you guys. You are always timely, I always have a clean pool and I can go to you with any concerns I have about my pool and you are there to answer the questions. You will not regret using them... Worth every penny I pay... -Chris J.
My concern before hiring Dive In was that the service was not worth the money. My favorite thing, is that it is done correctly and timely. That I am always notified if services changes or there is a problem with my pool/equipment. That I no longer have to worry about chemicals. That the pool is always ready to swim in. That I can trust your company/employee. I would say that you guys are worth every penny. That before you, I spent so much money on pool products I probably didn’t need. That I was always trying to find the time to keep the pool clean. That my pool is always clean and ready to swim in. That I can depend on your service. -Richard H.
Our first meeting was a little unsettling, scary even. It seemed to be more about the company than it was about me. I was skeptical.  The favorite part of my pool service is its consistent professional, friendly, top-notch service...and the little yellow note left on my back door. Do yourself a favor and hire Dive In Pool Service & Repair.  -Doris C.
My biggest concern was we were going to have the same issues as with other pool service companies – green algae and missed appointments.  I am happy to say this has not been the case with Dive In Pool Service.  I have a scheduled date for pool cleaning and I can always count on my pool being clean and ready for our enjoyment all the time. My favorite part of our pool service is we don’t have to worry about the pool being clean when we want to enjoy it or have guests over.  We have more time to enjoy the pool without all the work. I would say Dive In Pool Service is the best.  They are reliable, efficient, and do a great job. -Norma A.
Our biggest concern was reliability and after months of service from your company we are very pleased with your accountability. Our favorite part is having the same person and having the pool cleaned on the same day each week is comforting to us and gives us a sense of security. I have recommended you to friends and I've said that your company does great and honest work, every detail is discussed, all questions are answered, all details are worked out. –Josie G.
I had done business with many pool service/supply companies and was always disappointed with the lack of commitment and customer service that I received.  I was hoping that Dive In would be different but was not expecting any better treatment. However, I have found Dive In to be exceptional in customer service, knowledge and commitment.  I can trust the company to service my pool and spa in my absence without worrying about the dogs getting out which is a big help since I mainly work Monday-Friday.  In the 4 years they serviced my pool equipment, Dive In has never missed a scheduled appointment. I respect the attention given my concerns for any pool issues.  Dive In responded to these issues immediately and were at my house within 24 hours, if not the same day. As a consumer, the most important business assets to me are reliability, customer care, and availability.  Dive In possesses all 3 and makes the customer feel that they really care about their business and do their best to satisfy their clientele. –Lisa S.
My favorite part about your pool service is that you keep me informed and that you do an outstanding job. -Richard W.
Our concern in hiring Dive In was that they “may not be” responsible for their actions. Our favorite part is, they are always in touch with the customer and make sure everything works great. The company is very attentive, informative to the customer, lets you know when something is wrong, and suggest ideas on how to solve the issue. Also when they have to change an appointment they notify the customer and make sure they can make up the appointment at a better time for the customer. They are always on time, when job is done, they leave receipt of what was done during the job. Great company, we are very happy to work with them. Thank you for your time and great job well done. -Lucia N.