3 Important Facts About Correct Pool Water Level

3 Important Facts About Correct Pool Water Level

As long as there’s water in the pool, everything’s fine, right? Not exactly! A lot of pool owners add water to their pool because ‘that’s what they’re supposed to do’.

Danger of Low Water
When the water level in your pool is too low, air comes in through the skimmer and starts to cause problems with your pump and system. Continued loss of water stops the flow of water through your system and your pump begins to overheat. Water will begin to boil in the pump, the steam spreads and starts to contaminate the entire system. The motor will eventually burn out, but the other damage has been done. The ‘other’ damage is the harm done to O-rings, seals, PVC plumbing and all other rubber and plastic components. A HUGE cost compared to a little water!

Too Much Water
When your water completely above the skimmer opening, then leaves and other floating debris is not captured in the skimmer. No problem right? Guess again!

Lack of normal circulation leaves bugs and debris in the pool and creates an imbalance in the water chemistry and an unhealthy swimming pool.

What is the Correct Water Level?
Use your skimmer as a guide when checking the water level. Your pool water level should reach approximately half way up the pool skimmer’s opening.

Keep an eye on your pool’s water level after heavy rain, hot weather when evaporation is the highest and after pool parties when there is a lot of people getting in and out of the pool and splashing. Also, keep in mind this is when your water chemistry is tested, meaning it is critical that your pool’s circulation is at its best.