Why Keeping Skimmer Baskets Free of Debris is Important

pool service san antonioThe skimmer is used to circulate water from the top of the pool and to "skim" or catch debris off the surface of the water. It is critical that the skimmer be in good operating condition and free of excess debris.

The skimmer basket must be in place at all times and free from cracks and holes.

The skimmer weir, the flap at the opening of the skimmer that allows debris in but not out, needs to be in place and working freely.

The skimmer is often the place homeowners use to vacuum the pool. We do not recommend this as any vacuumed debris goes into the filter, shortening its life.

If the skimmer basket is not kept clean, it causes the pump to overwork by trying to pull more water in than the skimmer basket is allowing. Avoid unneeded cost by keeping your skimmer basket clean.