Why Keeping Your Filter Clean Is So Important

The MOST important thing for most pool owners is having sparkling clear water, especially on a hot summer day. In order to get that beautiful clear water, your pool’s filter needs proper maintenance and attention.

While proper filter maintenance is important throughout the year, it’s especially critical to make sure your filter is working properly during spring and summer. The 3 primary types of filters are Sand, Cartridge and DE. There are important yet very specific procedures we follow during routine maintenance that ensure your filter is operating efficiently all year long.

Absolutely, positively, know what the pressure is in your filter when it is clean! This gives you a starting point for when it is time to clean or change the filter. When the filter pressure increases by 8 to 10 psi above the ‘clean’ level, it is time to backwash a sand or DE filter, or remove and clean a cartridge filter.

As your filter declines in efficiency and the PSI increases, it starts putting more pressure on your pump and system. Your pump will start working harder because the water is not moving as it should, adding extra pressure to your seals, PVC plumbing and gaskets. This increased workload on your pump and system will shorten its life adding extra cost.